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If you are being harassed for debt by any of the companies below, please reach out to us and let us know so they can be reported. If you do not see the debt collection company listed that is harassing you, please submit and we will ensure that it will be included in our list. It will be monitored and your complaint will be filed for the debt collection agency.

List of Debt Collection Agencies

Automated Collection Services, Inc.

Automated Collection Services, Inc. is a nationwide accounts receivable management company founded in 1998. This company focuses on markets including healthcare, government, higher education, and finance. Automated Collection Services, Inc. was voted the Tennessean’s Top Workplaces in the years 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.


2802 Opryland Drive
Nashville, TN 37214
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Main business phone

(615) 690-1695

Do You Want Your Collections Removed Today!

Call them at (833) 477-0599 for a free credit consultation. We have helped many people in your situation and have paralegals standing by waiting to take your call.

You can also email us at

Additional BBB Reviews

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues

Kristie (or Christie) called my home number (972-********) from Automated Collection Services, Inc. and requested that I verify my name and my birthday was July 1965. My birth year is not 1965, but I was not going to confirm or deny any information to these people. She would not give me any additional information as to why she was calling or why I needed to verify myself or my birth information. I asked for her name, company name, and telephone number and called back to see if she would answer and she did. This is the second time someone has called me from this company. I need to know why they are contacting me and if this call is legitimate. Also, the calls need to stop. This company appears to be a problem with other consumers. I hope they are not allowed to put any false information on my credit report. Thank you.

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues

I have no knowledge of this debt it just showed up on my credit report being opened in November 2020 by ***** financial services llc i disputed this debt with all three credit beau. I want this company to remove this debt from my credit report.

Complaint Type: Billing/Collection Issues

This company is a debt buyer I asked them to validate this debt that I owe them But they couldn’t come Up with that. They said I paid 1203 to someone else but couldn’t provide that info. The original Debt was a company called ***** and they couldn’t provide me with documentation for why I owe them 1667 I would like this removed from my credit report and these people to stop contacting me.

Can Automated Collection Services, Inc. collections be removed from my credit report?

Depending on the situation, it is possible to have your collections removed, settled, or improved. It is best to have your account reviewed with Automated Collection Services, Inc. so the best course of action can be taken. Contact us today, so we can see how we can help.

Should I contact or pay Automated Collection Services, Inc.?

Speaking to a collection agency can be harmful. Making payments on the collection account resets the clock. It could make it worse. Of course, there are times when it’s best to pay the collection account, especially if it’s new and you’re sure it’s legit.

The best way to deal with a debt collector is to work with a professional credit repair service. They have deleted millions of negative items from companies like Automated Collection Services, Inc. for millions of clients nationwide.

And they can help you too.

Common mistakes that may further deteriorate your credit are direct communication with the collection agency. This action leaves you vulnerable to making unnecessary payments to the collection agency, which reverts your efforts to the drawing board. Contact will be made on your behalf through a verified professional credit repair service. The Consumer Protection Group offers a full range of credit repair services to benefit consumers who have been mistreated by the credit and collection industry against their consumer protection rights. Contact us today for help.

Will Automated Collection Services, Inc. sue me or garnish my wages?

The probability is minimal, but you need Consumer Protect Group to remove this uncertain burden from your workload to reduce this risk. They will filter your impending dispute and possibly indemnify your credit report. This quality work will prevent future conflicts and encumbrances.

To improve your credit score, contact us to allow them to intervene and avert lawsuits against you. Additionally, they will clean up your credit report for safer and uninterrupted money management. We will be your friendly vigilant against negative items on your wage credit.

What is Wage Garnishment?

Wage garnishment is a court-ordered method of collecting money from an employer by taking some or all of an employee's paycheck. This strategy of the collection has controversial consequences depending on the state government. Therefore, its jurisdiction is nullified and illegal within states against wage garnishment.

Subsequently, it is illegal for any claims of foreclosure or auctioning your property by Automated Collection Services, Inc.. These threats are unauthorized due to the nature of your involuntary towards paying off your debt.

Automated Collection Services, Inc., Complaints

You should consider filing a complaint if a collector harasses you. You will have an advantage of support from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and Better Business Bureau (BBB) as they condemn any form of harassment during collection. Inaccurate data provide grounds for these Bureaus to fill complaints against the collection agency. While filing complaints, you will be protected from the collectors using intimidation tactics and harassment. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) provides consumer protection from harassment of false accusations and stops deb harassment. Automated Collection Services, Inc., LL understands this particular law; thus, you need Lexington Law to challenge your collectors equally.

How Collections Affect Your Credit

There are several ways to harm your credit score, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Failure to make regular agreed payments could result in a collection from a bank or creditor, and overspending one's allowed credit limit would bring about a higher interest rate. Late payments could result in credit history reductions and, eventually, collection practices.

The collection agencies correlate with each other through advancing credits as insurance. If your account happens to raise a red flag during such transactions will stain your credit score. Without your dispute or defense against these accounts, your ability to renew credit will be crippled and turned impossible.

Your Rights When Dealing with Automated Collection Services, Inc., P.C.

The United States government has set strict restrictions and procedures that limit the activities of the collectors towards settling their dues. Fundamentally, the Fair Credit Reporting Act shields you from any form of inhumanity or abuse from your collectors. It provides a neutral ground for settlement without handicap situations. The FCRA has provided your consumer rights as follows but not limited to:

  • All personal data are insured and heavily protected. Such data includes credit card stats, mortgage loans, overdrafts, and billing reports.
  • Automated Collection Services, Inc. must be confined in you, where they cannot publically name you as a debtor. It restricts them from constantly communicating with you to harass or criticize your credit report.
  • Automated Collection Services, Inc. must prove its legality to collect a debt. It implies that they need to, orally and through writing, recognize themselves as authorized to conduct their collection activities. It prevents cases of fraud through honesty and integrity of work.
  • Your credit report should be free from inappropriate data insinuated by Automated Collection Services, Inc.. It is a legal violation with grounds for lawsuits against them.
  • FCRA provides 30 days for the collectors to prove their claims to your credit report. They are tasked with the duty of enlightening you on whether payment is your sole responsibility. It entails debt validation, failure to which collectors may face legal action. 
  • You bear freedom from false arrest in the hands of Automated Collection Services, Inc.. FCRA restricts any legal action unless a court is involved.

More Tips on Dealing with Automated Collection Services, Inc..

Avoid direct communication. The collectors will try hard to communicate with you over the phone as a tactic to trap you. It would be best to curtail communication to prevent them from profiling you in their records.

 If Automated Collection Services, Inc. is persistent, politely inform them that you strictly demand all conversations in writing. Request for a formal letter to validate their claims. You can freely ignore their ignorant calls once you have passed the legal information.

Acquire hard evidence of communication. You must record the call if the conversation needs to be through a phone. Secretly recording the discussion has been authorized in over thirty-five states as a self-defense mechanism. 

 However, some states specifically require you to gain permission from the other party to record. If you inform them that you intend to register during the conversation and continue to talk, it amounts to consent to record. It is rare as they always hang up to escape the spotlight.

Do not act guilty. You should not attempt to hide any assets or money from a legitimate collector. It amounts to fraudulent claims if you legally own them. You need to avoid providing personal details such as financial status or associated bank details.

Do not give them the benefit of the doubt. Do not believe their story on the phone. Do not be fooled by the stories of the compassionate owner.

Do not give them false information. If they ask for personal details such as family details, it is a requirement that you provide only the facts accurate to your knowledge. Please do not make up your background to convince them of your status, especially when they are persistent in harassing calls and collection letters.

Do not allow them to bully you into decisions. They may not disclose their intentions of contacting the authorities. However, this is an alarm for you to take legal action against them.

Do not forget about their word. The collectors will offer several solutions to your problem, such as an apology letter, gifts, and cash incentives. It would help avoid any solutions mentioned in any collection letter from these perverts.

Never accept freebies from them. They are usually acting guilty when they want you to obtain compensation in return for your silence on filing a lawsuit against them.

What is Automated Collection Services, Inc.?

Automated Collection Services, Inc. specializes in debt collection. Many complaints against Automated Collection Services, Inc. alleging violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). If a debt collector has contacted you, you should understand your rights before contacting them.

Is Automated Collection Services, Inc. a Scam?

They’re legit. Automated Collection Services, Inc. is a legitimate company that collects debt. We caution individuals to contact them directly regarding their debt or simply write off Automated Collection Services, Inc. as a scam.

Many complainants, however, feel as though Automated Collection Services, Inc. may have helped their client but at the same time have violated the FDCPA.

Who does Automated Collection Services, Inc. collect for?

They may have different clients such as credit card companies and student loans. If they have contacted you, it is likely due to an alleged student loan debt. Therefore, the alleged debt they may be contacting you about likely comes from one of these listed area of collection. If this collections company has approached you, you can contact us for help.

It would help avoid duplication during outsourcing if you dealt with any outstanding debts. It can cause financial problems while applying for loans as the alledged debt will haunt your credit score.

How many complaints against Automated Collection Services, Inc.?

There are many online complaints filed against Automated Collection Services, Inc.. Their Better Business Bureau page contains many complaints, with Automated Collection Services, Inc. holding a poor review score. Most of these complaints allege that Automated Collection Services, Inc. violated the FDCPA and falsely reported debt.

Can Automated Collection Services, Inc. Sue Me or Garnish My Wages?

Ultimately, it is illegal for Automated Collection Services, Inc. to make empty threats to sue you or garnish your wages. It is normally prohibited for this collection tool to be used; however, please contact us as soon as possible to protect your assets.

Can you help me file a No Fee Lawsuit against Automated Collection Services, Inc.?

Absolutely. You can sue a debt collector, but we recommend resolving before taking this action. This would be less stressful and allow for a better outcome in most cases.

Automated Collection Services, Inc. Calling You?

It would be best to accustom yourself to the provisions under FCRA to understand your consumer rights and the limits that the collectors have against you and your assets. Understand all supplementary sources of consumer rights, such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), for an upper hand against them.

Can I sue Automated Collection Services, Inc. for harassment?

You have the power and authority to sue Automated Collection Services, Inc.. A breach of any of your consumer rights under FCRA amounts to suing, which is the preferred mode of combating them. Compensation fees can amount to up to $1000 for citizens like you who suffer fraudulent effects. The federal law protects marginalized citizens such as you by wielding them with FCRA as a tool against collection harassment.

Want to Stop Automated Collection Services, Inc. Debt Collection Harassment Now?

The following cases form grounds for lawsuits:

  • If a collector calls you at inappropriate times of the day
  • A collector contacting your kith and kin revealing personal matters
  • A collector attempts to rip you off with more than you owe
  • If a collector uses vulgar language during collection
  • Collection activities involve violence, harm, or damage to property
  • A collector falsely frames you for a federal crime you did not commit
  • The collectors contacting your employers concerning your credit report
  • Collector uses threats to scare you
  • Collectors use prank calls to test your availability for communication

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