generation z spending habits

Generation Z Spending Habits

Although most Generation Z hasn’t reached employment age, they influence the spending habits in modern homes by a great deal. Generation Z has more spending power than other generations. Zoomers monitor their spending habits, know where and how to shop, and are keen on the prices. Let’s dig into Generation Z’s spending habits. 

What is Generation Z?

Generation Z is a demographic group born between 1995 and 2012. The oldest members of this demographic group should be 27, meaning they’ve entered early adulthood. A significant number of this group are establishing themselves finance-wise, while a larger percentage are still in school. In popular culture, this generation often receives the name “zoomers.” 

The middle-aged members of the group are only learning a few things about saving, finance, and spending. Some finance gurus have predicted that Gen Z will be the largest generation by 2034. Generation Z is still young, but their spending power is massive. Calculations say that Gen Z will significantly affect the annual spending figures.

Zoomers’ Favorite Payment Options

Gen Z is more time conscious and flexible on payment options and deals. They’re more likely to settle for retailers or wholesales that offer flexible payment options and better discounts. They’ll choose product availability and timely product delivery over branding and customization. This generation has the most spending power but favors discounts and deals.

Generation Zers have higher chances of sharing their email addresses with a company or brand to win percentage-off discounts or money instead of gifts and reward points. Zoomers are also more likely to choose buy-now, pay-later options over buy-and-pay options. Millennials went through the change from offline to online at a young age, but zoomers are the first generation to grow up entirely with the Internet; most of them are online.

The majority of zoomer buyers say a brand’s marketing significantly influences their purchases. Since over 17 percent of the members use YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to find and buy new products, social media marketing is critical for any business that wants to win more clients.

Gen Z’s spending habits are unique because this demographic wants a seamless shopping experience coupled with timely deliveries. They look onto the Internet to connect with leading brands and companies.

generation z spending habits

What Products Do Most Generation Zers Spend On?

There is no doubt that Generation Z has higher spending power, but they’re not reckless spenders. Undeniably, Generation Z’s spending habits are motivated by factors that are not common with other generations. The following are the most common items generation Z members will most likely spend on.

Technology and Electronics

Gen Z enjoys fun and life-changing electronics and technological solutions. If you sell wholesale or retail tech systems or electronics, targeting your marketing efforts to this particular demographic is a rewarding exercise. 

It’s easier to convince Generation Z to buy costly branded technological solutions that can improve their lives than other generations. The demographic has a particular inclination towards technology and advanced electronics and wouldn’t think twice about spending a lot on them.

As lenient spenders, however, they need reasons on why they should get certain electronics. For instance, zoomers are interested in Fitbit fitness trackers, smartwatches, and the most expensive branded smartphone. Still, they won’t press the purchase button until they are sure of the product’s value.

Discounted Products

Generation Z’s spending habits are significantly motivated by price. Some studies suggest that the demographics’ perception of the money goes in hand with the economy in which they grew up. The millennials were raised in more favorable economic eras than Generation Z. Zoomers grew up during the Great US recession, meaning their household budgets were quite tight.

A more significant number of millennials and other demographics grew up in eras where the economy was promising. They never got to experience the tight household budgets and tough economic times. Therefore, they saw reckless spending on things that didn’t matter much.

Gen Z’s spending habits are most lenient and always tied to a budget. It’s not easy to find a Generation Z spending on items they haven’t budgeted. This group has higher chances of buying things with high discounts and significant price reductions. They are the largest consumer of buy-now, pay-later products, and services.

This demographic group is more likely to spend hours searching for discounted products than other groups. Since price is the number one motivation towards their purchases, they are less likely to trade it for anything.

Wellness and Health Products

The biggest concern among the members of Generation Z is to keep their mental health and stress levels under control. In addition, this demographic uses natural solutions to watch their weight and maintain their physical wellness. They’re among the largest consumer of health and wellness products. Wellness and health are the second-biggest items this generation spends on.

They’re considered leaders in the consumption of wellness and health products. They have led the ladder in ethical food sourcing, mental health, and other wellness issues.

A report by SWL indicates that there are higher odds of zoomers using natural remedies over prescription medications. In addition, Gen Zers rarely eat fast food, which doesn’t happen as much in other generations.

Spending on Small Businesses

Spending on small businesses has significantly increased in the last two years. According to researchers, over 260% of the increased spending is from Gen Zers, who spend 80% more than millennials. The high Gen Z spending habits on small businesses are motivated by how small businesses listen to their queries and provide customized solutions.

In addition, small businesses are more likely to bond with consumers whether they connect online or offline. Likewise, consumers trust small companies and are likely to share their data to get deals and discounts. Since small businesses tend to offer such incentives and promise to keep consumers’ details secret, it motivated the purchasing habits of Gen Zers.

generation z spending habits


Generation Z spending habits are also inclined to education. It is true millennials make for the most educated and learned group of all the demographics. Recent research has shown that Gen Z is on the verge of becoming the most educated group ever. 

Most of the current college enrollments are from Gen Zers, and students from this demographic are filling colleges globally. In no time, the demographic will have more and better college-educated parents. Also, most Generation Z members that aren’t college graduates have taken the route of saving to enroll in college studies.

The increased zeal for generation Z members to save and want to enroll in college studies means we are going to have the most college-educated parents in the coming years. As per research, Generation Z is more likely to invest in educational programs and courses that promise to boost their earnings in the Future.

What Do Generation Z Spending Habits Mean to Businesses?

Generation Z grew up when the technology was upbeat and super-advanced. They grew up in an era of customized, powerful technology, so they understand much about social media, blogs, websites, and virtually every other technology businesses use to sell their business. To win the hearts of gen Zers and add them to your loyal client base, you must understand what this particular group wants and capitalize on creating technologies and solutions that address their core needs and preferences. 

As a business, you must effectively communicate your core business values while using advanced technologies to leverage customer insights and data. Besides, most of the Gen Zers grew up in the era of social media and other relevant marketing channels businesses use today. Gen Zers emphasize the social values of a company. They strongly assert that performance-based companies must always use their financial power to change the world. 

The demographic believes that businesses have a significant role in addressing the world’s core social and environmental issues. Gen Z uses smartphones to communicate and shoot their moments, but they are not afraid to engage in conversations that businesses bring to the table. Most Generation Z members are more than ready to shop online and explore different marketing channels to identify companies with the best services and products.


These are the main spending trends among Generation Z. While most of these are confirmed facts, some are presumptions and may not hold water in some instances. It’s also true that many zoomers haven’t yet become financially independent, and Generation Z spending habits may change as time goes by.

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