Success Stories

“I was getting calls at all hours of the day… CPG was able to resolve my issue with the collector calling my work.”

-Shannon Ward, Buffalo, NY

“I was up all night for two days panicking over the things a collector had told me. After speaking with the rep, I learned my rights and had her contact the company to resolve the wrongful manner. She was able to get my account knocked out!”

-Michael Knox, Harrisburg, PA

“It was shocking to know somebody out there has my best interest at hand. Each person I spoke to was knowledgeable and if they didn’t have the answer right away, they got back to me with the best information they could give.”

-Carol Benedetti, Brentwood, CA

“My rep took a lot of pressure of me and my family.”

-Ted Johnson, Buffalo, NY

“Above and beyond. I called originally because I had a collection agency contacting my family. The rep, Scott not only helped my issues with the agency calling family members but he took the time to help me map out the rest of my debt in the rears.”

-Sarah Morales, Austin, TX

“I went through a terrible divorce, putting myself into major debt. This has kept me stressed for months. After I contacted CPG, the rep contacted my creditors for me and worked out arrangements to make this easy on me. Very grateful!”

-Michelle Wallace, Woodsboro, TX